Vol5 debuts at The Opposite House Beijing

June 3, 2013

Following the well-received Oppositehouse Vols 1, 2, 3, and 4, The Opposite House, Beijing releases Oppositehouse Vol 5, a limited edition album with 10 tracks by some of China’s most diverse musicians. Like the first four, the not for sale album has been specially created for guests to enjoy in-house or to take away as a gift.  Have a listen here.

Oppositehouse Vol 5 features a wide range of tracks that represents the funk, soul and jazz scene in China. From the Yi minority singer Ji Jie who combined the old Yi tribes’ songs with soul and jazz influences, to the most iconic rock star Cui Jian, with his dual rap with drummer Beibei based on a live recording made at Snow Mountain Festival, and to The Red Groove Project, a long-time collaboration between the famous singer Shunza and jazz musician Lawrence Ku, who consider them to be the funkiest band in China.

The Chinese colour on paper album cover art “Singing and Walking” is provided by Lv Peng, who graduated as a PHD student from Central Academy of Fine Arts. Lv is represented by Red Gate Gallery, Beijing and is currently teaching in the Fine Arts Department of Beijing College of Education.

Area General Manager, Beijing Peter Wynne shares, “Like every Oppositehousealbum, the fifth has a very unique personality, which is groovy Acid Funk in China. We are thrilled to hear the chief exponents of funk, soul and jazz showcasing together with an exciting group of young talents. We appreciate the contribution of the artists and Universal Music for putting together these expressive tracks.”

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