Short Stays 2.0 by The Opposite House

September 6, 2012

Floating by Tawei Wang

The Nearness of You by Xiao Li Tan

Honeymoon Suite by Zao Wang

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The Opposite House announces the release of Short Stays 2, a continuation of the Short Stays film project where independent Chinese directors imagine what happens when guests check-in to their temporary homes for a brief period of time.

The films, Floating by Taiwan native, Tawei Wang; The Nearness of You by Guangdong native, Xiao Li Tan; and Honeymoon Suite by Beijing native, Zao Wang range from 7 to 14 minutes and showcase their individual style, skill and storytelling abilities. The films were produced by Helen Chen, General Manager of China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts (CMoDA) and filmed on location over the course of nine consecutive days with the same cinematographer, Jack C. Lam, and production crew but each with a different director and leading cast. “The fact that we filmed in a fully operating hotel was a challenge, but we were able to use the limits of time and space to our advantate,” says Chen.

Tawei Wang’s previous film, ROCK ON! was nominated for the Official Competitionat the Jecheon International Music & Film festival in 2010. His film, Floating, is a psychological exploration of transformation through self-expression where reality is temporarily blurred, unbearable and celebrated. In The Nearness of You, Tan invokes desire and loneliness to portray a love story. Her previous work, Happy Birthday to Me, earned an Honorable Mention for a short in 2011 for the YOMYOMY Online Short Film Festival. Zao Wang’s Honeymoon Suite is an imaginative tale of a vocal guest with very particular needs. His short, Max Art, won the Best Suspense Thriller award at the Hollywood International Student Film Festival in 2007.

“Similar to the first set of films, we tried to be as uninvolved as possible to give maximum creative freedom to the directors; however we did want Short Stays 2 to appeal to a slightly larger audience having explored the niche film direction the first time. The resulting films are beautifully shot and very entertaining,” says Anthony Ross,Area General Manager of Swire Hotels for Beijing.

Floating by Tawei Wang

The Nearness of You by Xiao Li Tan

Honeymoon Suite by Zao Wang

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