The Opposite House: Artist-in-Residence Luke Chiswell

August 3, 2017

This summer The Opposite House welcomes Australian artist Luke Chiswell as their artist-in-residence. Luke began creating art on his family farm, just an hour outside of Canberra. Honing inspiration from his passion for skateboarding, he realized at a young age that he could create in everyday spaces. Luke’s early works can be seen on wearables like shirts and shoes as he designed patents for textile companies. His designs caught an international following, and demand grew for his limited edition prints.

Luke's Straight Face exhibition, which he conceived from a daydream in 2006, showcased his utilization of simple yet resonating elements. He moved on to recycling old skateboards collected over the years, carving and burnishing the wood until each became the beautiful sculptures of the Trophies series. Using a variety of mediums and techniques, Luke draws on the stark contrast between his environments and his experiences within each of them to explore the intimacy of drawing, designing, sculpture and screen printing. His passion for skateboarding continues to inspire him, and his early life in the Bush has always compelled him to create beauty out of simplicity. It is this ability to create a home within fluidity that makes his work wholly primal and honest whilst also unnervingly complex and enigmatic.

With artworks in both painting and sculpture, he is eager to make breathtaking installations at the hotel.





He will create two series of installations, with the first being called "Hold Your Head up" and the other "Hold Each Other's Head Up"

The first installation will feature two figures standing alone and relying on their own strength while the other design is comprised of six sculptures relying on each other for strength and support.

These figures help to portray the idea of never giving up after defeat, but rather to keep the flame of confidence burning even in the toughest situations. Luke will be working on the installation at The Opposite House's Atrium from 1 to 24 August. You can see both the "Hold Your Head Up" and "Hold Each Other's Head Up" until 31 August.

The Opposite House introduces new art installations to the hotel frequently, presenting our guests with a world of contemporary arts steeped in fresh cultural insights. Exhibitions at The Opposite House are curated by Red Gate Gallery, which is at the forefront of Chinese contemporary art and acknowledged as one of the top galleries in Asia.  The sculpture collection at The Opposite House is well-regarded and inspired by the textile-clad façade of the architecture, represents ten of the best Chinese artists of the moment, from Beijing, Hong Kong, Australia and London.

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