“Objects from the Void” at The Opposite House

October 8, 2014

Objects from the Void”, the new installation at The Opposite House is comprised of three sets of sculptures made from stainless steel by Dalian artist, Pan Kai. The works may be viewed at the hotel’s Atrium until January 2015.

With a Masters in Art from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, Pan Kai has exhibited in numerous exhibitions such as the 54th International Ceramic Exhibition in Italy, Sculpt China – CAFA Sculpture Retrospective exhibition in Beijing, Art Beijing and many more.

The first series of “Objects from the Void” began with “Thought Experiment” in 2010. Through this series Pan Kai conveyed that the language of art can be expressed through sets of lines. The lines formed into round-shaped sculptures depicting the universe and its microscopic cells, encouraging art enthusiasts to regard it as a hypothetical view, such as nature, life and reincarnation.

Self-Organisation” followed in 2012. The thought behind this series was to produce unfamiliar objects that some may view as other worldly. The lines are interconnected, rising and falling to give a sense of freedom of formation.

The final piece in the series is “Understatement”, created earlier this year, in which Pan Kai unites the lines of traditional Chinese drawing and calligraphy to present an intangible feeling. The processes of sanding, flattening, and polishing were purposely omitted to create a pure and relaxed perception.

“As I get immersed into the art world, I have realised that lines are the most essential aspect of visual art. Society’s earliest form of drawing and communication started with the line. The final product of the art pieces may be unidentifiable for some people, there are times when we discover the things we visualise might not necessarily be real but some realities are concealed by their appearance. This invisible reality is what I call the concealed “Objects of the Void” says Pan Kai.

“We welcome you to visit our hotel Atrium to view Pan Kai’s work of art. Through these art pieces Pan Kai has subtlety projected that art is not only a means of engaging feelings and expressions, it also provides an aesthetic experience. The Opposite House alters its art installation every 3 months, and we look forward to hosting the next one in January 2015.” says Peter Wynne, Area General Manager of Swire Hotels, Beijing.

Exhibitions at The Opposite House are curated by Red Gate Gallery.  Founded in 1991 by Brian Wallace, the gallery has been at the forefront of Chinese contemporary art. Situated in the Ming Dynasty Watchtower at Dongbianmen, Beijing, the gallery has been acknowledged as one of the top galleries in Asia by BLOUIN ARTINFO in 2013. Red Gate is also extending its international network to provide more exposure for local artists to have the chance to be internationally recognised.

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