Margaret Cho Hong Kong Edition

March 13, 2016

Margaret Cho, THE most iconic and recognisable Asian-American comic is on tour, for the first time in Asia with “PSYCHO”. We caught up with her in Hong Kong for a quick chat about food, karaoke and tattoos.

We can’t believe it is your first show in Asia either!? What is your impression of Hong Kong?

It’s a marvellous city, filled with incredible sights and sounds, flavors and smells, luxury and glamour, filth and chaos! It’s everything in the world in one place. I fell in love with Hong Kong cinema in the 80s and 90s and I see why it’s such a perfect backdrop for films. It looks like a movie!

You’ve got to do karaoke while you are in Asia right?

I haven’t done this yet – but when I do, it will likely be ‘Chandelier’ by Sia or ‘Work’ by Rihanna. I can’t wait!

You covered The Oscars on Fashion Police.  What was the easiest look to poke fun of?

I love when stars take risks and are more avant garde with their looks – it makes the show more interesting for me. A Bob Mackie is always fabulous! Stars need to be stars again. Eccentric, flamboyant, wild and excessive. We lost much of the glamour of the red carpet so I’m hoping it comes back.

Do you live in LA? What’s it like to live and work there in entertainment?

I live in LA, and it’s where I work most for TV but then I’m touring constantly so my home is just a place to do laundry and sleep before the next job. LA is like a dream.  It is thrilling to live in but I see little of it actually working on set or in the studio. The glitzy part of Hollywood – the award shows and the red carpets are what I cover for my work but I’m not usually in attendance! I just watch on a monitor from a studio.

What shows are you watching?

I love Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, all the foodie shows like Chopped and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. I’m tight with Ted Allen and Andrew and I love to watch them in their element.

You have a lot of ink, and we saw Kat Von D did one on your back. Will you get one while your in Asia?

Not yet – again this is going to be in my future! I need one in Japan as most of my work is Japanese! The hand poking technique, tebori, is not something I have tried yet so I am very interested. I am one of the world’s most discerning tattoo collectors. I have work from Ed Hardy, Craig Jackman, Cris Cleen, Chris O’Donnell, Mr.Cartoon, of course Kat and many other tremendous artists and I need more always!

How come we don’t see more Asian-American comics mainstream media? Who’s to watch?

Ken Jeong is fantastic! Also up and coming women like Jenny Yang and Atsuko Okatsuka are making great strides in comedy. There are more Asian comics now than before but we need more screen time. Overall, there’s a lack of diversity in entertainment but our numbers are growing. I have a show in development at Amazon that will feature Asian Americans involved in the marijuana boom in California so I’m excited to put Asian comics on it!

What is the most frequently used app on your phone? Have you ever used Tinder?

I always use Twitter. And I have never used Tinder! It seems hard! I am rather intimidated by the swiping.

Are you adventurous when it comes to food? What are you looking forward to try while you’re in Asia?

I am but then I chicken out. But I tried snake which was very good! I also loved goose. Very rich and tasty – so decadent. I ate a lot. Hong Kong’s food is extraordinary.

If you were to star in another reality TV show, which one would it be?

Real Housewives of anywhere! And I’d love to bring them to Hong Kong to stay at The Upper House.

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