February 29, 2012

Stuart Semple’s second stunning solo show ‘It’s Hard To Be A Saint In This City’ at Cat Street Gallery features his new series of works on paper, large scale paintings, foam sculptures and modified ready mades.

Rather like anti-anthems for teenage weirdos, these new works are firmly dedicated to the loner kids, like Semple, who only had their dreams to get them through the day.

The works depict a multi-faceted, pick and choose, hybrid environment, which visually is totally defined by mass culture and pop. This space is inhabited by all of us and defined by our choices, desires and preferences. The work critiques the ‘us-and-them’ separateness that comes out of this disparity.

Any visual result of that external cornucopia of ‘stuff’ can only be in the past, an advertising campaign, music video or product is always pre-conceived. The only element that is truly of the moment is nature itself, and humanity is the most present force of that in this particular context. Therefore the new work addresses the felt emotion of separateness humankind faces whilst living in a consumerist pop-culture society.

Semple comments, “Since I recovered from my near death experience I’ve never really felt fully entwined with the world. So when I say that I’m fated to pretend, or that even the losers get lucky sometimes, I really, really mean it. I am a creep and I am a weirdo and I am a wuss. And that’s where these things come from, that lonely and strange place where we try to make sense of what’s around us.

The Cat Street Gallery
222 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong
T: +852 2291 0006

Information and images courtesy of Cat Street Gallery. Blog content managed by Juliana Loh, Social Media Manager, Swire Hotels and editor-in-chief of the blog. Follow her tweets: @bilbaobab or 微博 @julianaloh

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