Encounters Across Cultures: ‘Seeds of Life’ comes to The Upper House

June 21, 2019

Following a successful launch in Beijing at The Opposite House earlier this year in March, The House Collective’s art programme, ‘Encounters Across Cultures’ made its second stop on this year’s art journey around the four Houses at The Upper House in Hong Kong on 22 May. This year’s programme titled, ‘Seeds of Life’ features multidisciplinary Swiss-born artist Katja Loher, who is known for her videosculptures, and explores the different manifestations and facets of the five Chinese elements – wood, fire, water, metal and earth – at each of the four Houses. Each installation takes a different form as it adopts the city and House’s unique personality and characteristics.

For the installation at The Upper House, Katja collaborated with Hong Kong-based feng shui designer, Thierry Chow, discovering the five elements at play in the city together as well as its relationship to feng shui and how Hong Kong still holds onto old Chinese traditions despite Western influences embedded in its culture. Besides appearing in Katja’s videos, Thierry was instrumental in the placement of each of the videos, enhancing the free flow of positive energy, or ‘qi’ in Chinese, throughout the space.

With a Bachelor in Applied Illustration from Sheridan College in Toronto, Canada, Thierry brings an artistic perspective to feng shui, applying both its emotional and physical elements to all aspects of design.

The opening event kicked off successfully with media, VIPs and friends of the House all present to celebrate the joint effort of Katja and Thierry. The installation was designed to be an art journey through the House, beginning from Level 4, then to Level 6 and finally to Level 49, allowing guests to discover and be immersed in the elements displayed in various abstract video projections.

‘Seeds of Life’ installation will be at The Upper House until the 21st of June. Special cocktails based on each of the five Chinese elements are also available at Café Gray Deluxe to enhance the experience.

Look out for the third stop of Encounters Across Cultures: ‘Seeds of Life’ in Shanghai at The Middle House later this year in September.

Click HERE for more information about Encounters Across Cultures!

The Upper House

Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong

T +852 2918 1838


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