EAST, Hong Kong x tgt gallery exhibition

March 28, 2017

An Exhibition by Joanne Wu and Law Siu Chong

EAST, Hong Kong in collaboration with tgt gallery is currently exhibiting works by 2 Hong Kong artists Joanne Wu and Law Siu Chong.  Their paintings is on display throughout the hotel, with some mainly pieces in the lobby.

A graduate of the Hong Kong Art School of Design, Joanna Wu is a full-time painter and freelance stylist based in Hong Kong. Her works present the relationship between nature and the city. Brushing through dreams with honesty and a heartfelt spirit, her paintings imbue images that seem to come from fairy tales, yet delivering an ironic message – people are polluting and destroying nature.

Law Siu Chong studied traditional Western painting at the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts. A graduate of the Department of Commercial Graphic Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute, she worked in the commercial industry and stopped painting for some time. In 2009, she experienced a significant change due to her health, and her son encouraged her to pick up painting again.



Law Siu Chong's works reflect urban living in Hong Kong and the city's people's relationship with nature. She uses birds, trees and nests as a metaphor for people; buildings and apartments to show how people barely survive and are almost out of breath in the city. There are a million tiny spaces that people call home, found within the luxury skyscrapers around the city, which are built in high density. Law’s art pieces show a contradiction between elegant buildings and the annoyance of people.

“We are happy to collaborate with EAST, Hong Kong to create awareness towards the local art scene” said Nicky Chan, Director of tgt Gallery. “More people appreciate arts nowadays but mainly familiar with the Western artists. It is always hard for local artists to break through in this environment.”

“The message behind the works gives us an opportunity to think again about the way we live. We are responsible for creating a better environment for our guests, as well as the community. We look forward to introducing these art pieces to EAST, Hong Kong and hope everyone enjoys the exhibition.”  said General Manager of EAST, Hong Kong Jennifer Cheung.





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