A brief tour @ EAST Hong Kong with our art consultant Alison Pickett

February 6, 2012

Our hotels’ art consultant Alison Pickett walks us through some of our commissioned art pieces with the artists Jayne Dyer and Gerard Bookle themselves and award winning architect William Lim of CL3 Architects.

A little more about the art around EAST Hong Kong.

The art collection is inspired by the hotel’s location at Swire Island East with its close proximity to many advertising, architectural and fashion companies as well as the rugged stonewalls protruding from the hills immediately surrounding EAST.

The featured artworks include those from artists such as Sui Jianguo from Mainland China, Australian Jayne Dyer currently living in Beijing, Lincoln Seligman from London, British-born Hong Kong resident, Gerard Bookle, and local Hong Kong artist, Danny Lee.

The figurative direction of the artworks within EAST is loosely based on the colourful Pop Art movement that made its name in the United Kingdom in the 50s, becoming more prevalent in the USA in the 60s and is currently now gaining worldwide recognition again in China,” stated Alison Pickett, art consultant for Swire Hotels.

Pop Art is defined as an art form that depicts objects or scenes from everyday life and elements of popular culture, often executed in bright colours and through the use of commercial or industrial materials, such as fibreglass and painted metal. The works commissioned for EAST convey both the modernity of popular culture today as well as being true to EAST’s branding as a lifestyle business hotel” said Alison Pickett.

Designed by William Lim of CL3 Architects Ltd, EAST incorporates the use of natural materials such as wood and stone which provide a neutral backdrop for the many colourful and inspired works of art showcased throughout the property.

All artworks within EAST express nature, youth and vitality in line with the modernity of their surroundings. These include the cave crafting of Horse, the inspired cascade of butterflies and leaping fish by Jayne Dyer and Lincoln Seligman, and the use of bamboo for birdcages by Kum Chi Keung at the lobby, ground floor and first floor.

The figurative dinosaurs in acid colours of orange, turquoise, pink and yellow in the suites were designed by Sui Jianguo, one of the most promising sculptors of the 21st century, and inject brightness, warmth and a touch of humour into the spaces.

The surrounding exterior of EAST has also been transformed by Sydney-based artists George and Ilza Burchett. They have turned four rock slopes in Hong Kong’s Island East district into monumental paintings by reinventing the most ancient form of visual expression: rock art. Selecting universal and timeless themes of man and horse, the Burchetts have created a series of images that invites viewers to revisit the entire history of art, from prehistoric cave paintings to modern masters.

The London-born Hong Kong resident, William Furniss is a photographer renowned for capturing the essence of international hubs including New York and Paris. William has photographed the natural surrounding of EAST, keeping in tune with the hotel’s design, and these photographs are displayed through plasma screens in the lobby and rooms.

Content by Juliana Loh, Social Media Manager, Swire Hotels and editor-in-chief of the blog. Video edited by Panorama Productions Hong Kong. Follow her tweets: @bilbaobab or 微博 @julianaloh

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