UCCA presents: Hans van Dijk 5000 names

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Dutch-born, Beijing-based curator, scholar, and dealer Hans van Dijk (1946 – 2002) was a foundational influence on contemporary art in China. His seminal 1993 exhibition “China Avant-Garde,” is the first major show of Chinese contemporary art in Europe, as the founder of the New Amsterdam Art Consultancy (NAAC) and the China Art Archives and Warehouse (CAAW), he has organised … Read More

EAST Aquathon 16.3 October 2014

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The EAST Aquathon 16.3 race, which takes place for the first time in Hong Kong on Saturday 18th October 2014, will combine open-water swimming, trail-running and road running all in one adrenalin-fueled race.  Register here. The Race is split into three stages – Sea 1.5km, Mountain 7.5km and Urban 7.3km, with teams of two or solo. … Read More

Cantonese Dim Sum at Jing Yaa Tang

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Jing Yaa Tang, the Chinese restaurant at The Opposite House has launched a new dim sum menu that features authentic Cantonese and Shanghainese fare, a rare find in Beijing. Our favourite is definitely the Hargow (shrimp dumplings), the shrimp is fresh, crisp and steamed to perfection.  We also devoured baskets of Pork Siew Mai with … Read More

The Opposite House Presents “Analytical Carpentry: Timber is Alive” by Sen Ye

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The Opposite House is pleased to present “Analytical Carpentry: Timber is Alive”, a collection of wood carvings by Liaoning artist, Sen Ye.  The exceptional wood craftsmanship can be viewed at the hotel’s Atrium from now until September 2014. “Analytical Carpentry: Timber is Alive” debuted in 2009 with Analysis No. 03, which is made from the … Read More


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Last month, we welcomed MAYYA Movement to The Upper House for an intimate chat with acclaimed U.S. author, Chair of the Institute for Functional Medicine, Medical Editor of the Huffington Post, Dr Mark Hyman, and Life Coach and Founder of Handel Method, New York, Lauren Zander. In case you missed it, we sat down with … Read More